Ragama (SL-RGM) Railway Station info and timetable

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Ragama is linked with 0 railway stations by 0 Trains.

Ragama Location

Station Name: Ragama
Station Name (local):
Address: National Basilika Ave, Ragama
Station Code: SL-RGM
Zone: SLR/Sri Lanka

Ragama Info

Station Type: Junction
Elevation: 9 meters above sea level
No. of Platforms: 0
Halting Trains: 0
Originating Trains:
Terminating Trains: 0
Connected Stations: 0

Ragama Ratings

Cleanliness: 2/5
Food: 2/5
Safety: 2/5
Porters: 2/5
Transport: 2/5
Lodging: 2/5
Fans: 2/5
Sight Seeing: 2/5
Over all: 1/5

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